Who we are

The Addlife Foundation is a non-profit company that champions the power and potential of business to transform the lives of people beyond the cubicle walls of private interest.

What Inspired Us!

The Addlife Foundation was conceived by the Premium Group executives who believe that one can harness business resources to spearhead the upliftment of disadvantaged people to ultimately transform society.

In a day and age of economic instability which follows the tide of self-enrichment and exploitation, the Premium Group took up the responsibility to ignite their employees and partners to utilise various resources through the Addlife Foundation.

With wide expertise and diverse resources at their disposal the Premium Group can assist Addlife Foundation throw out the proverbial spear into society. The tip being a piercing message of hope it unleashes human potential, penetrates and transforms its surrounding community. As its spear is thrown, the ground is pierced and marked for change, causing a ripple effect being set in motion.


Changing lives to transform society.


The Addlife Foundation partners with like-minded businessmen and women who regard their role in the marketplace as a catalyst for the transformation of people.