Press release
Premium Holdings and Premium Brand Distributors Appoints New CEO, and Board of Directors

1 August 2018

Premium Group Executive Chairman, Mr. Stefan van der Walt announced the appointment of Mrs. Merenchia Louw as CEO of Premium Holdings and the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors for Premium Brand Distributors.

Premium Brand Distributors, the sole distributor and business partner of international brands like Nikon, Sony photographic and memory, Lexar, Fenix and Go Xtreme Action cameras, announced key organizational changes to its executive team.

The appointment of Mr. Grant Norton as the new Chief Executive Officer and the appointment of a new Board of Directors consisting of Mrs. Merenchia Louw, Mr. Grant Norton – Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Emile Papenfus – Chief Financial Officer and Mr. Stephen Katzef – Sales Director. Mr. Stefan van der Walt will remain as Executive Chairman.

Mr. Stefan van der Walt said that the new Board of Directors will lead the company into a new and focused season of growth. All executives played a vital role in the success of the company the past few years. Through their uniquely different skills and attributes, they will set the scene for the future growth and sustainability of the Company.

Mr. van der Walt thanked Mrs. Louw in her role as Chief Executive Officer of Premium Brand Distributors for her leadership and dedication during very difficult financial times in the country. She introduced and made sure that the Company has a strong focus and foundation in preparation for the growth strategy that the Company will embark upon.

Mrs. Louw will continue to play a vital role in the Group and will also oversee the operations and corporate governance of all the entities in the group.