Two renowned brands in the world of high performance motoring, Ford Performance Parts and Roush Performance, have arrived in South Africa and will be serviced initially by a dedicated facility in Centurion as well as through certain accredited Ford dealers nationwide going forward.

Ford has a heritage with racing and high performance motoring that goes right back to its founder, Henry Ford, winning an historic 10 lap sprint race on the Grosse Point horse racing track in Detroit on October 10, 1901. Winning that race in a car he designed and built himself and which carried prize money of $1 000 besides enormous prestige set Henry Ford on the path to heading up one of the world’s leading car makers.

The company has continued to use motorsport very effectively as a marketing tool over the years The Ford GT’s debut category victory in the 2016 Le Mans 24 hour race reinforced the success of this strategy.

Over the years Ford has spawned a host of iconic sports cars and high performance sedans such as the Mustang GT and Focus RS which were launched in South Africa this year.

The development of these high performance cars has also resulted in the company being able to offer a wide range of specialised parts to enhance performance and the cosmetic appeal of its cars.

A number of names have been used in the marketing of these parts over the years, but the company has now settled on a self-explanatory brand, namely Ford Performance. Further good news for Ford enthusiasts is that Ford Performance in South Africa has also been granted the Roush Performance franchise which extends the range and appeal of the offerings from this new initiative between the Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa and its dealers.

Ford in the United States has supplied the specialist aftermarket with Ford Performance Parts for more than 50 years, but the brand was never represented officially in South Africa until now.

The arrival of the Ford Mustang sports car in right hand drive for the first time has been the catalyst for developing this exciting range of products with factory backing.

Roush Performance may not be well known in South African performance circles but it is a hugely successful business in the United States under the slogan “Between a race car and a road car is a Roush car!”

Roush Performance is a major American automotive company which is involved primarily with engineering, development and manufacturing high performance parts for street and competitive racing applications. It was founded by Jack Roush in 1995 and he continues to operate the company. It has close ties with the Ford Motor Company and is one of the biggest players in its field. Roush Performance’s range of modifications and upgrades includes engines, transmissions, suspension, interiors and exteriors.


The arrival of approved Ford Performance Parts and Roush Performance and the roll out of official fitment centres in South Africa will be welcomed by Ford enthusiasts, particularly as the operation has the support of the Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa.

One of the problems with performance enhancements is that they void manufacturers’ vehicle warranties. What has been arranged for the Ford Performance Parts and Roush Performance fitments is that a comprehensive 3-year/60 000km powertrain warranty will cover the performance upgrades, while the remainder of the Ford new vehicle warranty will not be voided.

In addition, special model names, such as Mustang Roush Level 3, will be registered with TransUnion so that these modified cars are listed as specific Ford models in the used car pricing guide. This is a major benefit as usually additions to the standard specification are not taken fully into account when a dealer quotes on a trade-in, which can be very costly when extra equipment and performance enhancements are concerned.

Under the Roush banner the Mustang is offered with three levels of performance enhancements, ranging from Level 1 with cold air induction and an exhaust system. Level 2 includes Level 1 plus some cosmetic enhancements as well as an ECU upgrade. Level 3 further adds the fitment of a Roush supercharger and revised suspension.

Under the Ford Performance Parts banner upgrades for other Ford models, including the Ranger, Everest, Fiesta ST and Focus ST are available.

A wide range of approved practical and appearance accessories are also offered at the Ford Performance facility. Joint venture partners Würth and Castrol lubricants also have display area in the facility.

The fitment centre is manned by master technicians and this will be a requirement when other Ford accredited dealers are established to do performance enhancements themselves. Dealer or fitment centre personnel all have to attend a rigorous training course in Centurion before they can offer Ford Performance Parts and fitment.

“Our Ford Performance facility in Centurion aims to be a regular meeting place for motor enthusiasts, not necessarily only Ford drivers,” said Grant Askham, who oversees the world class operation just off the Brakfontein interchange on the N1 freeway.

“On Saturdays we will have our dynamometer operating and our sales area open, while on Sundays we want to encourage a ‘cars and coffee’ culture so that Ford Performance in Centurion is a popular destination for breakfast runs on Sunday mornings.”

Grant Askham has had extensive experience in the motor industry over the years, including holding the position of dealer principal at a dealership in Centurion. He has latterly been the CEO of Nikon SA.

“I see the establishment of the Ford Performance and Roush Performance brands as well as our fitment facility as an exciting challenge and believe they will be a major success,” concluded Askham.